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Citizens Congress Inc attends "Unrig the System Summit" in Nashville

Our president and vice president attended the "Unrig the System Summit" conference. "Unrig" is a meeting of more than two thousand democracy reform activists. The theme is a non-partisan approach to achieving a more democratic society. Speakers included sitting members, and former members, of Congress from the Repbulican and Democratic parties as well as independent thinkers from all walks of life. At the conference we experienced three days of presentations, workshops, and meetings. The end result was bringing home lots of "actionable information." We will be using that information to reach out to members of Congress and State Legislators. We will also begin recruiting volunteers from all 435 Congressional Districts to speak to their federal and state legislators about the goals of Citizens Congress. We believe there are honest legislators who are as frustrated as we are about a Congress that does not work well for everyone. If you are interested in adding your voice to ours, click "JOIN", at the top of the page.

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