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Citizens Congress INC 

  Citizens Congress Inc. is a grass-roots not-for-profit corporation with a single purpose. 

  We are proposing a constitutional amendment to change the structure of the U.S. Congress to shift the political power from the two minority parties, (Republicans represent 24% of voters and Democrats represent 28%) and the wealthy donors they depend on to finance their campaigns, to the entire spectrum of American Citizens.

  We are fully funded by your donations which are used to promote the ratification of the Citizens Congress Amendment. 

our team

Dan Barnett is the founder and president of Citizens Congress Inc. 

His vision is that government can work best for all Americans if the government includes all Americans.  He believes that Citizens Congress can fulfill the founding father's dream of self-governance.

He has traveled to 50 states and 60 countries.  His career included being a small business owner and working for large corporations.  Dan is a lifetime learner especially interested in history and physics.

Denise Felice, RN, BFA is a founding board member of Citizens Congress Inc.  She serves as Vice President and Director of Volunteer Operations.  She was a founding member of UN Women of Palm Beach-Broward, also served as Director of Health Services at Lynn University.  She has worked with many non-profits and has extensive experience recruiting, coordinating, and creating programs for volunteers.  

Barry Rank Jr., BS is a founding board member.  He serves as a Secretary and Business Coordinator.  Barry has been a small business owner for over forty years.  His extensive experience dealing with various regulations and bureaucracies help keep us on track with the regulatory aspects of running a non-profit business.  

Sarah Glassman, BS is a marketing executive with over a decade’s experience in growing business revenues through creative, persuasive messaging and a scientific approach to marketing. Sarah is one part scientist, one part creative writer, three parts salesman with a healthy dose of absolute commitment to liberty and truth. Sarah joins Citizens Congress as volunteer Director of Marketing to help spread the word and push for positive change to promote liberty and justice for all. 

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