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Money in Congress

The problem lies with the U.S. Congress. Corporate lobbyists spend billions of dollars a year and expect a return on their investment. It is open bribery. It’s our money! We need a Congress that we can trust to spend it properly!

That’s why CITIZENS CONGRESS INC. exists. We are non-partisan and non-profit. We want to put ordinary people in control of our government. We the People, have the power to choose our destiny. In six years we could replace every politician in the country. There is a plan that would put “We the People” in control of our own government.

Citizens Congress Inc. holds the promise of real change, authentic self-governance. We propose a Constitutional Amendment to replace the House of Representatives with 1000 citizens chosen randomly from the registered voters. The full spectrum of American citizenry would have fair representation by every demographic. Working people would make up the largest portion of Congress and bring about the largest change. The political parties that currently hold almost all the political power are both minority parties. Republicans at 24% and Democrats at 28% take turns calling themselves the majority party. In fact the closest thing to a majority are independents at about 45% of voters. They hold two seats (0.5%) in Congress.

These steps would end gerrymandering, take all the corrupting influence of campaign donations out of Congress, break the hold of political parties on national politics, and give moderate middle class working people the largest share of votes in Congress. We have witnessed that an awakened energized public can change policy if they want it bad enough. We can have a representative government if we want it enough.

You can help!!!

Support Citizens Congress. Share the Facebook page. Join the page. Go to our website at and become a supporter. It’s free!!! Maybe donate. That’s not free. Even small amounts can help reach lots of voters. Read Citizens Congress Inc. by our founder Dan Barnett on Amazon.

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